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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 50 Seat Manchester Coach Hire

While you are travelling, especially in a large group, organisation is critical to your trip's success. Anything from a delay in one person's arrival to the struggles of finding parking or space for everyone can place a serious dampener on your enjoyment. That is why planning ahead and securing reliable transportation is recommended for large groups, especially in a city where you are a newcomer. For years, coaches have been an affordable, simple alternative to taxis and public transportation, both of which cannot always be counted on to be there when you need them, and are certainly difficult to get large groups onto.

Coach Hire Manchester has been the leader in coach hiring services for the region for many years and to this day maintains a stellar reputation for quality service. We have employed only the best staffers and drivers to our team in order to best assist you in planning, customising, and travelling with us. Events and meetings such as corporate outings, family reunions, weddings and so much more are all welcome here, and we promise top quality service with a highly-trained staff to make it all happen.

Our 49 seaters and 50 seater coaches have proven time and again to be exceptionally popular for large groups looking to travel all in one coach. As spaciously designed coaches, directly supplied from only the most trusted of manufactures from around the world, these are vehicles of pure class and quality. Built to handle large groups and deliver a smooth ride all through Manchester and the surrounding areas, you will feel as if you are in total luxury while on board.

The 49 seater provides groups with exactly the right amount of space needed with a price tag that cannot be resisted. Filled to the brim with numerous amenities to keep you and your fellow passengers comfortable and refreshed. Like all of our quality coaches, these larger ones have been spared no expense in interior build and rugged utility. Capable of handling your large group for long or short trips, you can find features such as on board washroom facilities, PA systems, and other useful appliances to keep you feeling comfortable and productive.

50 seater coaches in our fleet boast tonnes of room for our clients to host large groups, parties, and gatherings. Allow yourself the freedom to move about these spacious cabins and experience your trip in luxurious comfort instead of the hot confines of a generic van or bus. Each coach in our fleet undergoes extensive maintenance and inspection before being cleared for usage so as to avoid any potential mishaps while on the road. The drivers we employ are wholly dedicated to delivering you safely and smoothly to your next destination, and will me more than happy to assist you with any questions or adjustments you may have.

Each one of our coaches is outfitted with the latest in modern technology for those looking to stay connected while travelling. Electrical outlets, PA systems, CD and DVD players are all inclusive on these beautiful coaches. Security has also been upgraded to modern times, with GPS tracking and navigation built directly into our coaches to ensure your trip remains right on course and that in a moment's notice we can guarantee your safety. With around the clock updates as to your trip's progression, any changes or concerns can be quickly made and handled by our professional staff.

Coach Hire Manchester bases its success off of one thing: our customer satisfaction. We strive constantly to make sure all of your needs are met and that everything runs smoothly for the entirety of your trip.

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