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Coach Hire Manchester

Searching for the ideal coach hire service can be a challenge that is filled with planning. When picking the best coach to use for your trip to Manchester, reliability, quality, and pricing can make your trip the best possible, or a source of irritation and stress. With Coach Hire Manchester, all your worries are for naught, as we have cornered the market in delivering quality coach hire services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, all backed by years of experience and a professional staff dedicated to making you happy.

Manchester Coach Hire

We possess perhaps one of the most diverse fleets around, filled with modern coaches each loaded with luxurious amenities to keep you comfortable and refreshed on the road. Our fleet of coaches ranges in sizes from 20-seaters up to 57-seaters, with numerous other sizes in between to best accommodate all types of groups. Do not get caught having to pay for more room than you need, or being squeezed onto a too small coach with your group. Over the years we have curated a fleet that can cater to all groups and their travel plans. Everyone from travelling sport teams to corporate retreats are welcome, and we are guaranteed to have the coaching experience you are looking for.

Consistently Serviced Vehicles

Each one of our coaches is maintained regularly and inspected after every trip to make sure the next trip goes just as smoothly. This is done because your comfort and safety while travelling is our top priority and we strive to deliver consistent enjoyment to all our clients. Before you are brought on board, we work closely with you to find out what you are needing during your trip and we do our best to match you with the best coach available. Avoid the long-winded booking of most coach hiring services and let us take care of the planning for you.

Excellent Coach Drivers

The drivers we have employed to escort you around Manchester are the best in the business. Before hiring they are thoroughly vetted by relevant authorities and routinely trained to keep their skills current and knowledge of Manchester laws up to date. As many are locals, they are the perfect resource for first time visitors looking to learn more about this lively city, or anyone who would feel more comfortable being driven around instead. With Coach Hire Manchester, the choice is yours!

Coach Travel In Manchester

Manchester is a booming industrial city and one of the largest places to live in England; its size and popularity make it a hot spot for travellers and businesses to visit and even stay and grow. With all this prosperity inevitably comes traffic and congestion, a problem for newcomers and those having to make important destinations on time. Having a driver that knows the ins and outs of this great city, including all the best backroads to dip onto when the traffic gets to tough is a valuable asset to any traveller and their group. While experiencing public transport or even on foot can be enjoyable for a time, should you have a group or are far from your destination, you are going to want reliable transportation eventually, and a coach with Coach Hire Manchester is one of the most affordable, top quality ways to go.

The perfect solution to travel confusion, Coach Hire Manchester's coach hire service is the best around, with little stress involved in the arranging of your method of transport. Simply tell our dedicated staff where you wish to go, when you want to go, and how many are involved and we will get to work building the perfect coach hire experience for you.

Minibus Hire

How you plan on travelling around the lively city of Manchester is just as important as to what you plan on doing while there. If you wish to visit as many parts of the busy city, having reliable, comfortable transportation is not only an excellent idea but an absolute necessity. Public transportation might be cheaper for many, but is not always there when we need it most, and for large groups can be impossible to fit on. The last thing you want to happen when travelling is missing your destinations, or becoming lost in the busy city. Therefore, using a well trusted company for your travel needs will alleviate your worries and leave you feeling comfortable and refreshed.

Coach Hire Manchester is the ideal solution to your travel concerns. For years, we have diligently served our great city and all its travellers with pride and top quality service. Boasting a fleet of minibuses that can cater to any situation and group size you are planning to travel with, we excel at customising your trip according to what you want to experience. Our time in this industry has allowed us to fine tune your trip experiences to only what you want, and when we tell you everything is taken care of, we wholeheartedly mean it.

Clean And Comfortable Minibuses

Our top priority is your safety when you are travelling on board one of our minibuses, so we have gone to extensive lengths in order to make this possible. Each one of our vehicles is in top operating conditions and held to the peak of performance standards, coming from only the most trusted of minibus manufacturers in the world. After every trip our minibuses are thoroughly examined by our in-house team of highly trained technicians, to ensure that you experience no upset or interruptions during your time, and allow you to comfortably travel without worrying about any hitches. Included in these safety precautions is the modern addition of GPS tracking systems, built right into each one of our vehicles. These are state of the art and assist you in knowing exactly what route you are on and provide us with information to ensure your safety. All of our drivers are carefully vetted to ensure they have the poroper qualifications, and are well experienced in navigating Manchester city traffic to deliver you wherever you need to be.

Wide Range Of Minibuses

The minibuses we have in our fleet are built top to bottom from the best materials around with modern design to keep you safe and comfortable. Ranging in sizes from 8-seaters up to 18-seaters, these are the best option for those smaller groups looking to travel together. Each one of our minibuses comes filled with modern upgrades to provide you with a classy, refreshing travel experience.

Amenities such as retractable roofs, privacy tinting, mini fridges and leather upholstery are all available to make your time the best it can possibly be. All this comes at the cheapest minibus rates around, with no compromise to your trip's quality!

Accomodating All Trips & Visits

We provide service to all of Manchester and the surrounding areas, including airport shuttling services to those needing quick transport to the Manchester airport. Everything from wedding parties to school class excursions are welcome here and we promise to provide you with professional, quality service no matter how long or short your time with us. We are proud to serve our city and will work tirelessly to ensure that your trip is nothing but a success the entire time. The team we have built here genuinely cares about your experience and is committed to providing you with everything you could possibly need on the road.

Our Manchester Services

Reliable, comfortable transportation when travelling is vital to ensuring a successful trip. Planning well in advanced is important to ensure there is enough time before the trip for any additional adjustments to the travel itinerary or should anything have been forgotten. Transportation is one of these important aspects of travel that should always be closely considered while planning your next trip. When going to places as busy and lively as Manchester city, forgetting to prepare for much needed transportation can become costly and ruin the excitement you first had. Coach Hire Manchester provides you with a fully customisable experience backed by years of satisfied customers, and an exceptional fleet of vehicles. Regardless of whether or not you want a professional driver, or prefer to take charge yourself, we will provide you with only the best during your time in Manchester.

Reliable Minibuses & Coaches

Highly affordable and perfect for all budget ranges, we have cornered the market in the pursuit of giving our clients comfortable, quality service at a rate that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Our cheap minibuses and coaches do not compromise in terms of professional service and luxury. We are a highly reliable coach hire transportation service, with many years of experience in this industry to deliver prompt, courteous service no matter what or when you need us. Coach Hire Manchester is committed to ensuring all our customers arrive where they wish to be in a safe and convenient manner that does not sacrifice time or quality. We understand that during trips time is precious, so we do our best to make sure none of that time is wasted in traffic or with confusing directions. This is prevented by implemented numerous measures from training to technology to ensure your travel needs are consistently met while you are escorted through Manchester city.

Regular Inspections Carried Out

Our fleet of minibuses and coaches have been carefully selected from top manufacturers from all over the globe, outfitted with the latest in modern comforts, and intensively inspected by our onsite team of technicians to guarantee peak working condition. These inspections are done before and after every trip each vehicle goes on to make sure that when you step on board, all potential problems have been already taken care of. We strive to make sure no part of your travels is interrupted, and this includes making sure your vehicle is in top working condition the entire trip.

Small To Full 57 Seater

Each one of our minibuses and coaches within our fleet has been customised to be able to provide your fellow passengers with everything you could need on your trip. For groups, no matter what size they may be, we offer a diverse range of seating options from 8 seat to 18 seats for minibuses, and 20 seat all the way up to 57 seaters! Need even more space than that? We are always willing to assist in hiring even more of our vehicles so no one gets left behind from the excitement of your trip to Manchester.

Just as diverse as our fleet size is the luxurious amenities we have implemented into each of our vehicles. Outfitted with modern appliances to keep you comfortable and safe, these features include but are not limited to state of the art GPS navigational systems and tracking, leather reclining seats, high quality modern sound systems, on board washroom facilities, electrical outlets, and so much more. We strive to make sure you are comfortable, safe, and fully refreshed while you travel with us. All of this is available depending on what you desire to have on board your vehicle, and is perfectly suitable for any budget due to our cheap coach hire services.

Discrete Journeys When Required

Hoping to travel with a bit more privacy? Enjoy the freedom of exploring Manchester by taking our minibus and coaches for a spin with our self driving service. You pick the vehicle you wish to drive, and after providing some information as to the qualifications of the main driver, you will be quickly on your way! Should you prefer someone more familiar with the busy streets of Manchester, no to worry, our drivers are more than happy to step in and take the wheel for your trip. Our coach hire services with a driver are the best around, and we only hire the most qualified, having undergone numerous verification and background checks, to escort our clients through Manchester city. They are always willing to assist you with suggestions and questions you may have. With years of experience and many being residents themselves, you will be in the most capable of hands as they smoothly navigate traffic on your behalf.

Our coach hire services are available for countless different events and transportation needs, as we strive to make Manchester an easy, comfortable place to visit and travel through. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can make your trip wonderful!

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