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Coach Hire Manchester to Brighton

Coach Hire Manchester to Brighton

As a popular resort town for a day-trip, Brighton is unfortunately very far from Manchester, at over four and a half hours to get there. Such a long drive can be difficult for many should they be confined to a small car or crowded bus. With many people, such a long drive can become even longer when you factor in having to pick everyone up and any delays caused by stops along the way. Your day trip soon becomes much longer and by the time you reach your destination you are tired, irritated, and ready to head back home. That is no way to spend your trip, so planning your excursion carefully can pay off.

Coach Hire Manchester is in the business of planning trips both long and short to deliver an enjoyable experience you will remember for the right reasons. Our extensive minibus hire Manchester fleet which can used to travel from Manchester to Brighton, and also a coach hire service.Avoid the hassle of organising everyone at the last minute, or being stuck in traffic and instead let our dedicated staff handle all your accommodation needs. We strive to provide a customised experience to your coach trip to Brighton by working closely with you to understand what you need while on the road, and what you hope to do while in the city.

Our fleet of vehicles boasts an impressive range ready to take you across the country or even just down the road. Carefully selected from the finest coach manufacturers around, we inspect each point to make sure they are up to UK vehicular standards and are more than capable of escorting large groups over distances. We have many different sized coaches to give you just as much room as you desire for you and your group, and should you need even more space than our largest, we are more than happy to coordinate multiple coaches. The drivers we employ are professionals who can safely navigate the long motorways to get to Brighton, even if there are multiple coaches in your trip.

Safety and comfort are important to us here at Coach Hire Manchester, and understand it is just as important to you. Many of our features come already installed into most of our coaches, but should you be looking for something extra we can track down the exact model you are needing. Regardless of budget or trip plan, we want to keep you satisfied during your entire time with us, so should you need anything at all just let us know. We are more than happy to serve you and will do so for however long you are with us. Brighton is a beautiful city to visit even just once, and getting there from Manchester is not only possible, but can even be enjoyable when you travel in the right vehicle. That is why travelling with Coach Hire Manchester is the most recommended option around; we deliver quality service during your entire trip, all at the cheapest prices. We never compromise on service, so know that even during your journey to Brighton, we are working hard to keep you comfortable every step of the way.

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