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Coach Hire Manchester

Coach Hire Manchester to Birmingham

Coach Hire Manchester to Birmingham

With Birmingham, a little over 2 hours away from Manchester while taking the straightforward M6, it is not always feasible to take your own vehicle, especially if you have a large group traveling with you. Public transportation is not viable, and taxi cabs can be incredibly expensive over such long distances. Also during trips of this length, you want everyone to stay comfortable and relaxed as they make their way to beautiful Birmingham, as having a group of irritated people on board a hot, cramped vehicle can make for a very unenjoyable trip for everyone involved. Finding reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation for trips this long can be a challenge, so planning well in advance with a coach hiring service of our calibre can make all the difference.

For years Coach Hire Manchester, has helped groups of all sizes travel around England in total comfort and professional service. We work with our customers very closely to provide them with all they need before getting on board one of our state of the art coaches. Built to last and kept at the peak of operation standards, you can rest assured there will be no interruptions during you trip. Enjoy having all your travel concerns taken care of for you at some of the cheapest rates in Manchester, without ever having your quality of trip compromised!

Available in a wide array of sizes and amenity packages to fit you and your group's needs on the road, we can customise your travel experience per what you desire. With a fleet of coaches ranging in size from 8 to 10 seat minibus hire to 20 seater minibus hire to 57 seater minibus hire, you can travel with all your group and have plenty of room to bond, socialise, and move about. When traveling back and forth on such a long trip, you want to stay refreshed and at ease, so amenities such as on board washrooms, reclining seats, powerful air conditioning, and more are available to let you relax the entire time.

Each of the coaches within our modern fleet come equipped with the latest in technological security. Striving to keep you safe even when you are far from home, we carefully monitor the progress of your trip to Birmingham with our GPS tracking software. Should anything arise we can pinpoint your location and get assistance to you when you need it. When placing your trip and your group in our hands, we do everything possible to make sure nothing gets in the way of it. All our drivers are highly trained professionals with years of experience in travelling over long distances and in the busy streets of England's large cities. We carefully vet all our team members to ensure you are placed in the most capable of hands and are escorted by a driver that genuinely cares about making your travels as enjoyable as possible. Simply contact our customer care department and they will begin working immediately to help plan your next big trip to Birmingham and back. We guarantee quality service for you and your group!

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