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10 Seater Manchester Minibus Hire 12 Seat Minibus Hire

10 12 Seat Manchester Minibus Hire

Travelling to Manchester with a few more people than our excellent 8-seater minibuses can hold? Look no further than our 10-seater and 12-seater minibuses, each just as luxurious as the other with the space you and your group need. Coach Hire Manchester prides itself on a diverse fleet to cater to all your needs, and that is why we offer these minibuses with their additional seating. Equipped with a variety of packages and amenities to suit any trip or budget, you will find that our fleet cannot be beat by the competitors.

To provide the most efficient coach and minibus hiring services, we have acquired a well-trained and dedicated team to staff our organisation. Coach Hire Manchester is a name that leads our clients to think of quality and excellent service, so we strive to make sure all our personnel embody this reputation in everything they do for you. By customising each vehicle in our fleet with a variety of different amenities and offerings, they are made to be highly luxurious and comfortable no matter the length of your travels throughout Manchester.

All the 10-seater minibuses in our fleet are built to last and perform with top marks while on the road. Built with shuttling groups around, they are vehicles of quality and comfort, received only from the most trusted of manufacturers from England. As minibuses of class, you can safely rely on them to take you wherever you want to go around Manchester without any worry for quality or delay. We strive to maintain our modern minibuses and coaches to keep them good as new and in working condition, so you can enjoy being driven around without any issue.

As the slightly larger companion of our 10-seaters, the 12-seater Minibus Hire Manchester we possess are in top working form and ready to assist you. Built from the wheels up with quality parts by only the most competent of manufacturers, you can expect nothing but comfortable luxury when you ride on board. These 12-seater minibuses are designed to last and provide an easy ride to all when they travel with us. The additional space our 12-seaters provide can be used for extra luggage or passengers with room to spare for keeping everyone breathing easy and at ease.

When travelling, managing your time is always vital to ensuring you are never late or missing a moment at your destination. With Coach Hire Manchester, we are here to help you properly organise your trip and get you anywhere you need by providing you with the transport you need for picking up and dropping off at any of your destinations. The fleet we have built is always ready to go and the team we have employed will stop at nothing to serve you with the best we can offer. Each one of our vehicles is outfitted with GPS navigation and tracking to better provide accurate travel times and directions, while letting us know where any of our vehicles are throughout Manchester. Your schedule is not only important to us, but your safety as well.

Should you be interested in any of our 10-seater and 12-seate minibuses, allow us to further help you by organising your other travel needs. We provide our expertise in trip planning, accommodations, events, flight and taxi booking, and so much more. All of these services are offered to deliver the best experience possible when you travel with us at Coach Hire Manchester for any trip or event you have in mind. Simply let us know and we will be ready to help make your time in Manchester the best it can possibly be.

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